The Value of Clean Water Photo by IWRM AIO SIDS via Flickr Creative Commons

The Comoros is not known for being a shopping destination, but local products and crafts are worth checking out, especially spices like cloves, pepper, nutmeg and the ubiquitous vanilla. In fact, 65 percent of the world’s perfume essences come from the Comoros, including ylang-ylang, orange and jasmine.

There are good markets in Moroni to buy shell jewelry, pearls, gold, embroidered skullcaps or koffia, woven cloth, and even slippers. Handcrafted items like carved chests, lecterns or portes-croix, basketry, and pottery are also widely available and items can be bought directly from local villages. Scarves and colorful cloths are also available, along with many other imported products. The Volo Volo Market is the best place to go for unique Comorian gifts, organic and locally grown spices, coconut products, essential oils, and homemade lamps.

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