Highway Around Grande Comore Photo by David Stanley via Flickr Creative Commons


French and Arabic are the official languages of Comoros, but locals also speak Comorian or Shikomor. Comorian may sound like Swahili, but it has Bantu origins. Inhabitants of each island have their own dialect and slang.


The official currency of the Comoros is the Comoros franc (KMF), which is equivalent to 100 centimes. Notes come in denominations of KMF 10,000, 5,000, 2,500, 1,000, and 500. Credit cards are not widely accepted, but some hotels will take them. Restaurants and hotels also accept foreign currency, but to be safe, bring only euro and US dollars. There are ATMs in Moroni, but they are unreliable, so it is best to carry sufficient cash or traveler’s checks.


GMT +3.


Bring a voltage converter for devices that are not 220 Volts, as well as an adapter with round pins.


The country code for the Comoros is +269, followed by respective city codes. In Anjouan Island, the area code is 771+4D, while Mohéli Island can be contacted using 772+4D. Moroni uses 773+4D. Satellite phones are the best way to get a signal, but internet access is also available.


Travelers are allowed to bring as many as 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 g of tobacco, a bottle of alcohol and a bottle of perfume into the country without incurring customs duty.

Tourist Office

Comoros Islands La Direction Nationale du Tourisme: +269-74-480 or http://www.tourisme.gouv.km/

Consulates in Comoros

French Consulate, Moroni: +269-773-07-53 Chinese Consulate, Moroni: +269-73-25-21 Italian Consulate, Moroni: +269-71-13-49 Malagasy Consulate, Moroni: +269-73-18-69


Police: 773-46-63

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