From the slums of Asia to archaeological digs in the Andes mountains, challenge your social conscience or enhance your skills in projects around the world.

  1. Mother Teresa, India

    Mother Teresa’s impact is still felt on the streets of Kolkata in her homes for the destitute and the dying, the mentally ill and handicapped and the city’s orphaned children. Hundreds of volunteers from across the world can offer their help to do laundry, clean bedrooms, feed and bathe patients and spend time with those receiving care.

  2. Inca projects, Peru

    Discover and reconstruct pre-Hispanic, Incan agricultural terraces, roads and ancient walls. Help map the ruins and explore the ruins and remote communities.

  3. Cattle stations, Australia

    Experience life on a real station in the Australian outback as a cowboy/girl. Learn about horse riding, mustering, milking cows, saddling and swimming with horses, throwing a lasso and fence construction.

  4. HIV/AIDS, Ghana

    AIDS is the leading killer in Africa and has hit hard in Ghana. Help raise awareness of HIV/AIDS through educational projects that teach about safe sex and HIV prevention, and provide care and support.

  5. Aboriginal communities

    Share your skills and learn about the indigenous culture by living in small communities. Lend a hand on painting, construction, education, childcare and eldercare projects.

  6. Summer camps, USA

    These opportunities exist across North America and include positions as counselors, nurses, teachers, coaches, athletes and more. A fantastic way to spend the summer in the USA and assist young children and teenagers.

  7. Nomad life, Mongolia

    Live and work in the Mongolian steppe with a nomadic family in a ger (white tent) riding horses, milking goats, making butter, teaching English to the children or collecting firewood.

  8. Ranching, Wyoming

    Ever thought of tending buffalo or mustering cattle? Volunteers in America’s wild west engage in chores, trail riding, horse wrangling, cattle gathering, branding and cattle drives.

  9. Youth hostels, Europe

    Exchange your services as a cleaner, waitress or receptionist in a hostel in Europe and receive food and/or board.

  10. WWOOFing, Europe

    Volunteer on organic farms across Europe working for your board and food. Meet farmers and locals and enjoy the country hospitality.