Recommended Volunteering Books

Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat
Fabulous book about a naturalist who is dropped alone onto the frozen tundra of the Arctic to see why wolves are slaughtering the arctic caribou. A brilliant narrative on the world of wild wolves and man’s true place in nature.
Work Abroad by Transitions Abroad
Covers all aspects of work abroad, including international careers and jobs, short-term work abroad, teaching English abroad, volunteer work abroad, internships abroad, and work permits.
Transitions Abroad Magazine
Useful information about working and living abroad with travel features and columns from experts.
Culture Shock guides
For business or pleasure travelers or those relocating abroad; this series details the customs or etiquette required.
The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas, by Jean-Marc Hachey
The author shares his insights into international employment trends and offers inspirational advice to short- and long-term job seekers.
Work your way around the world by Susan Griffith
A guide to short-term work opportunities and a good investment for shoestring travelers wanting to earn enough to get to the next destination.
The Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures by Michael Landes
A comprehensive list of life-enriching experiences from restoring medieval castles to working on organic farms.
Live, work and play around the world by Sharon McCullum
Contains hints and tips to make traveling and working overseas as stress-free and worthwhile as possible. Covers Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Useful Volunteering Websites

Volunteer Abroad (
Grants, scholarships, fellowships and programs offered by the University of Minnesota plus useful tips on what to expect and how to plan.
Transitions Abroad Magazine (
Important resource for work abroad, study abroad, cultural travel overseas and international living.
Volunteer Abroad Programs (
Comprehensive directory of volunteer abroad programs worldwide.
Volunteer with UNICEF (
Help children across the world with UNICEF, understand issues worldwide effecting children and discover how you can get involved locally.
Idealist (
An interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters.
International Volunteer Programs Association (
Contains great advice on choosing programs, how to plan, what to expect and lots of other preparatory information.