Don’t be put off by the doom and gloom of AIDS ravaged communities and orphans in Africa. Village communities here will uplift you with their warm acceptance and colorful culture. Work amongst tribes like the Maasai in Kenya or put your professional skills to use in business development or conservation.

  1. HIV/AIDS, Ghana

    AIDS is the leading killer in Africa and has hit hard in Ghana. Help raise awareness of HIV/AIDS through educational projects that teach about safe sex and HIV prevention, and provide care and support.

  2. Orphans, Togo

    The onslaught of HIV/AIDS has left many children with no families, and the numbers of orphans and street children in Togo today is a problem for the country’s rudimentary social welfare services. Get involved and help improve conditions for the children.

  3. Teach art, Tanzania

    Those with an artistic bent will find active engagement by helping at local art galleries, running workshops with youth about new skills and techniques or helping women in tailor shops sustain their livelihood.

  4. Save the lemur, Madagascar

    Study the lives of highly endangered lemurs and support the effective management of their forest habitat.

  5. Conserve wildlife, South Africa

    Live and work on a game reserve with opportunities to conserve elephants, hyenas, and many other species of plants and animals. Collect data on migrating elephant herds, create species lists of bird life or map uncharted territory.

  6. Massai programs, Kenya

    It is estimated only half of all Maasai children attend schools. Teaching volunteers can reverse this trend and educate in English, math, science, social studies and extra-curricular activities. Medically qualified volunteers are needed to in community clinics to increase access to basic healthcare and promote health education.

  7. Football, Senegal

    If you’re mad on the game there are ample opportunities to teach skills and even learn from the locals in the football incensed nation of Senegal.

  8. Teaching, Liberia

    Help this nation in its efforts to redevelop after civil war. With scars of war still fresh and no tourist activity, your efforts to help refugees and young children in schools in Monrovia’s suburbs will be crucial.

  9. Journalism, Ethiopia

    Take a journalism placement on a newspaper in Addis Ababa. Learn new skills or put old ones to work while you discover this country.

  10. Business development, Gambia

    Provide marketing, production, finance and project management to developing business in the Gambia or help with micro-finance schemes offered to HIV/AIDS sufferers.