Celebrate America’s fabulous national parks by aiding in their conservation or engage in indigenous cultures on a reservation project. You can learn about native animals doing whale or wolf research or take part in a great cattle drive on a wild west ranch.

  1. Summer camps, USA

    These opportunities exist across North America and include positions as counselors, nurses, teachers and coaches. It’s a fantastic way to spend the summer and assist young children and teenagers.

  2. Animal and nature conservation, Alaska

    Help save animals and ecosystems in one of the world’s last wild frontiers. Volunteer work includes trail maintenance, research, conservation education and plant conservation.

  3. Ranching, Wyoming

    Every thought of tending buffalo or mustering cattle? Volunteers in America’s wild west engage in chores, trail riding, horse wrangling, cattle gathering, branding and cattle drives.

  4. Yellowstone National Park

    Fun, educational field courses for students, families and children studying the wild grizzly bear, beavers, bison and wolves of the park. Learn how to identify animal behavior and take field notes.

  5. Whale research, Newfoundland

    If you are interested in marine mammal biology this is a golden opportunity to participate in whale research in a beautiful part of Canada.

  6. Eco-Internships, Hawaii

    Earn academic credit working with dolphins, assisting field research or working in the national park.

  7. South Dakota

    Learn more about Native Americans and work amongst children of the Lakota tribe on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Community youth centers have arts and craft, literacy programs, organic gardens and general activities for volunteers to aid with.

  8. America Wolf Sanctuary Volunteer

    If you have felt the call of the wild, help care for the abused, neglected and unwanted wolves in this sanctuary in New Mexico. Activities include feeding, cleaning, walking and socializing the wolves, giving tours and administrative duties.

  9. Wildlife rescue, Texas

    Volunteer with groups that provide rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and displaced wildlife.

  10. Conservation, Nevada

    Get to know the amazing lakes, wildlife refuges, mountains and wilderness of Nevada by getting involved in a challenging and rewarding conservation project. Help maintain trails, control erosion, construct retaining walls and remove encroaching vegetation.