Ride an elephant to work every day in Thailand, feed the disabled in India or teach Buddhist monks English. You can live with nomads in Mongolia or penetrate the sweaty jungles of Cambodia.

  1. Mother Teresa, India

    Mother Teresa’s impact is still felt on the streets of Kolkata in her homes for the destitute and the dying, the mentally ill and handicapped and the city’s orphaned children. Hundreds of volunteers from across the world can offer their help to do laundry, clean bedrooms, feed and bathe patients and spend time with those receiving care.

  2. Journalism, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Work for a local newspaper or television station in the capital to learn all about the issues of this little known part of Asia. Interview Mongolian celebrities or broadcast the world news to the nation.

  3. Diving and marine conservation, Thailand

    Qualify for scuba qualifications in the warm waters of the Andaman sea, participate in the re-establishment of the mangrove swamps, as well as marine life and coral reef research.

  4. Khmer Projects, Cambodia

    Explore the ancient civilisations and engaging culture of modern Cambodia by helping on archaeological sites around the amazing Angkor Wat temples.

  5. Medical placement, Sri Lanka

    Gain experience in medicine, physical therapy, nursing or midwifery in hospitals and clinics in Sri Lanka.

  6. Nomad life, Mongolia

    Live and work on the Mongolian steppe with a nomadic family in a ger (tent) riding horses, milking goats, making butter, teaching English to the children or collecting firewood.

  7. English teaching, China

    Enormous opportunities for teaching English exist across the red country.

  8. Disabled children, Russia

    Help children with different forms of medical and physical disabilities that can’t attend schools. Entertain, sing and walk with the kids and help them with physical exercises.

  9. Elephant conservation, Thailand

    Become the ultimate mummy to these enormous beasts working in refuge centers bathing, feeding and cleaning the elephants and assisting their keepers.

  10. Teach English to Buddhist Monks, Laos

    English is very popular amongst kids in Laos but there are so few teachers. Get to know the local monks and give them an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty by giving them an education.