Many people don’t consider Europe when they are thinking of voluntary positions, but there is a range of options from working on organic farms to helping with the poor and needy of Eastern Europe. If you are looking for research opportunities consider the conservation projects in the Arctic circle or in the Mediterranean.

  1. Youth hostels, Europe

    Exchange your services as a cleaner, waitress or receptionist in a hostel in Europe and receive food and/or board.

  2. WWOOFing, Europe

    Volunteer on organic farms across Europe working for your board and food. Meet farmers and locals and enjoy the country hospitality.

  3. Glacier studies, Iceland

    Join leading earth scientists to help understand one of the most important issues we face today – climate change. Collect data on glacial retreat and see how global warming is affecting glaciers in a remote part of the beautiful Skaftafell National Park.

  4. Kosovar refuge children, Balkans

    Live in vulnerable communities in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania organizing children and youth activities, workshops for adults or teaching courses.

  5. Archaeological digs, Italy

    Truly the best place to glean archaeological experience is the center of the Ancient world.

  6. Conservation Work, Lake District, Britain

    This is one of Britain’s areas of most outstanding natural beauty. As more people visit more volunteers are needed to preserve, repair and improve the environment. Typical projects include footpath and trail construction, traditional dry-stone wall construction, hedge laying, habitat management, pond and wetland management and tree planting.

  7. Adriatic Dolphin Project, Croatia

    Join researches in an ancient village of Croatia to monitor dolphins, collect data at sea, prepare the boat and equipment and prepare lecture materials. A great opportunity to live and learn from researchers.

  8. Orphanage, Moldova

    Teach English in an orphanage in this poor eastern European nation. Help boost their self-esteem and seek employment opportunities.

  9. Whale, dolphin and turtle conservation, Azores, Portugal

    This kind of voluntary assignment comes right from the pages of National Geographic. Help photograph animals and record them for international monitoring databases, collect Sperm Whale skin samples for DNA analysis, listen to and make recordings of whale and dolphin vocalisations and capture Loggerhead Turtles in the open ocean for tagging and release.

  10. Archaeology, Romania

    For a real life Indiana Jones archaeological experience and an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skill base engage in a dig at the remains of the medieval Romanian kingdom of Transylvania. Learn about civilizations that have long-since disappeared, uncover ancient graves and recover bones and artifacts.