The South Pacific has its own developing communities that always need assistance but there are some real cultural and scientific experiences to be had too from mustering in the Australian outback to whale or koala research in the wilderness areas.

  1. Cattle station, Australia

    Experience life on a real station in the Australian outback as a cowboy/girl. Learn about horse riding, mustering, milking cows, saddling and swimming with horses, throwing a lasso and fence construction.

  2. Aboriginal communities

    Share your skills and learn about the indigenous culture by living in small communities. Lend a hand on painting, construction, education, childcare and eldercare projects.

  3. Village work, Papua New Guinea

    Stay in thatched hut villages in remote parts of this developing country. Projects can involve health, education, equality and human rights, training and business development.

  4. Monitor Koalas, Queensland

    If you want an opportunity to get cuddly with these famous critters, join a research team monitoring koalas and live in the bush.

  5. Whale research, Australia

    Join teams to assist with data collection and ship board duties while mapping the migratory path of humpback whales in the seas around Australia.

  6. Hawksbill turtles, Great Barrier Reef

    If you want to explore the marine life at pristine, remote tropical islands this is a fantastic opportunity. Help turtle researchers explore the population dynamics of hawksbill turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.

  7. Archaeological site, Fiji

    Work with other university students on Viti Levu to excavate local sites and uncover evidence of the Lapita culture. Learn and use archaeological techniques, meet local villagers and enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

  8. Marine life, New Zealand

    Sail within Wellington harbor to record sightings of dolphin and whale species. Or monitor the numbers of New Zealand Fur Seals at various sites.

  9. National Parks, Tasmania

    You will fall in love with Tassie by exploring and volunteering in its national parks. Help the precious ecosystems through track maintenance, weed removal, penguin surveys, flora surveys, planting native grasses and improving natural habitats.

  10. Wildlife parks, Australia

    Volunteer your time in a wildlife park and help with hands-on conservation, wildlife, and environmental projects from husbandry through to general park and enclosure maintenance.