"Nu'ulopa" by NeilsPhotography via Flickr Creative Commons

A Round the World trip often lumps in destinations that previously had no business being uttered in the same sentence before. The best deals on RTW plane tickets can be found from a handful of locations, mostly large cities that see loads of young, adventurous travelers. Now it isn’t uncommon to run into a stranger in Paris’ Left Bank that you just saw on Kao San Road in Bangkok a few weeks before. Still, most of these locations see the amount of travelers they do for a reason: once in a lifetime sites.

  1. Cusco, Peru The Incas called Cusco the navel of the world. If they were referring to it as the world’s traveler epicenter they couldn’t have been more right. Visitors come to see the lost city of Machu Picchu, but become enchanted by the Inca walls, cobblestone streets, language schools, hiking trails, indigenous markets, Pre-Colombian ruins, lively bar and restaurant scene, great museums, Spanish churches, and a growing number of world class hotels.
  2. Samoa Unlike nearby Fiji, Samoa is dirt cheap, very traditional, and has loads of beach fales or thatch bungalows.
  3. Prague, Czech Republic Although prices have increased since the Czech Republic joined the EU, the gothic atmosphere, free flowing pubs, and lively expat community keep the adventurous coming.
  4. Bangkok, Thailand Kao San road in Bangkok is one of the most legendary backpacker haunts in the world. If you buy a round the world plane ticket, chances are you will stop here at one point or another. If you need a RTW ticket, it’s a good place to look.
  5. Sydney, Australia Apart from the beaches, Kings Cross hostels, the Opera House, and the nightlife check out the Victoria Barracks, Georgian and Victorian architecture, the Customs House, and Macquarie Street.
  6. Cape Town, South Africa Few people that visit Cape Town are not left enchanted. Wide white sand beaches, table top mountains, nearby vineyards and game reserves, a lively English speaking culture with loads of nightlife and budget accommodations.
  7. Marrakech, Morocco The bustling square of Djema al’Fna just outside the medina is one of the most vibrant cultural centers in the world and numerous backpacker haunts and posh resorts sit within about a mile. When not haggling in the souks or dining at the food stalls, have your fortune told, watch a snake charmer, or even get your teeth worked on.
  8. Katmandu, Nepal Whether you’re here to climb Mount Everest, hike the Anapurna Circuit, or drink beer from the world’s highest brewery you will be in the company of many others. Katmandu, deep in the Himalayas, has one of the world’s most international tourist atmospheres.
  9. Ko Phagnan, Thailand Home of the legendary Full Moon party that occurs every month to the favor of tens of thousands of revelers who come to indulge in not only the idyllic beaches and natural environment, but an endless supply of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.
  10. Antigua, Guatemala With more language schools per capita than anywhere else in the world, it’s no wonder Antigua is a favorite stop on the gringo trail. When not studying, the international crowd is climbing volcanoes, hiking, clubbing, and visiting with the remnants of the Mayan culture.

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