"Simply Seattle" by Andrew E. Larsen via Flickr Creative Commons

Considering several major airports are found here and connections can be had to anywhere in the world, North America is on almost every RTW itinerary. While large metropolises sometimes sit out of the budgets of many backpackers, many opt to stay with friends or in the surprisingly cheap hostels. While trains are lacking, renting a car and exploring the world’s best highways and road system while meeting loads of friendly faces in quiet country towns is a highlight of many worldwide adventures.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii The major stop in the South Pacific draws everyone from honeymooners, RTW trippers who are headed to Australia or Fiji, and vacationing families. Easy to find cheap rooms, great hiking trails, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and surfing.
  2. Los Angeles, California LA is one of the main stops on the American continent for those heading even further west. Hollywood charm, beaches, and great nightlife and restaurants.
  3. Tijuana, Mexico Believe it or not, Tijuana is a hotspot for RTW trippers. A bit of debauchery, easy access from San Diego and L.A., and an easy hint of Mexican culture - albeit askew.
  4. Vancouver, British Colombia Temperate rainforests, thundering surf, nearby hiking trails and national parks, hip cafes, and much more. This is Canada’s RTW hotspot.
  5. San Cristobal de Chiapas, Mexico One of the most traditional regions of Mexico. Lush jungle, mountains, and volcanoes surround this white washed down with a few vast plazas that are the center of the action. Dip into a café or club for drinks and jazz.
  6. Oaxaca, Mexico When you’re not sipping mescal in a café, try wandering around indigenous markets. Go for the Day of the Dead for one of the biggest annual spectacles in Mexico.
  7. New York, New York One of the most dynamic cities in the world with fine museums, some of the best restaurants, trendy bars and clubs, a real international scene, and even a cheap hostel or two.
  8. Seattle, Washington Iconic architecture, thriving counterculture, the nearby Cascades, national parks, and the most hostels in the United States.
  9. Miami Beach, Florida A posh Latino vibe runs heavy at this chic beach lined with some of Miami’s hottest clubs, cool boutique hotels, and dozens of trendy restaurants.
  10. Cancun, Mexico Cancun has become party central for North American spring breakers and sun seekers of all sorts. The Americanized strip continues to lure in heavy crowds year round, while the beaches further south on the Mayan Riviera are more luxurious and pristine.

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