Photo Credit: Ahsanul Kabir

Bangladesh is a very welcoming country, and locals are starting to get used to travelers admiring their homeland. Citizens of many North American countries do not need visas for visits up to 90 days. Fees vary by country, though requirements are generally the same. You may get your initial visa in your home country and apply for an extension at the Immigration and Passport Office in Dhaka.

Health and Safety

Always travel with a comprehensive health insurance policy. It is also best to take necessary precautions against typhoid fever, malaria, and hepatitis B and E when visiting Bangladesh. There is also the threat of dengue fever, TB, visceral leshmaniasis, and Japanese encephalitis in some rural areas. Mosquitoes thrive in the cities, particularly in the humid and rainy seasons. It is best to generously apply insect repellent and use nets to cover your bed or sleeping area at night. Humidity and pollution can become unbearable in the cities, especially in Chittagong and Dhaka.

Unlike Bangkok, street food in Bangladesh is not really for tourists, but if you are adventurous make sure the exotic food is freshly cooked and served hot. Tap water and water coming from hand drawn tube wells may be contaminated with arsenic. Boiling your own is a good precaution or try purifying tablets. However, only distillation can fully remove the arsenic, which is why bottled water is recommended for sensitive stomachs.

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