Photo Credit: Stefan Krasowski

Bangladesh has something for everyone to do from relaxing river journeys to hiking the trails around Sylhet and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. If exploring the tea plantations is too slow paced, maybe a glimpse of the Bengal tiger in their natural habitat followed by thrilling aquatic sports on the best beaches will satisfy your taste for adventure.

The richness of the Bangladeshi is evident in its many historic attractions and archeological sites. Mahasthagarh and Paharpur are definite must-sees, as is Mahasthangarh from the 3rd century, the oldest ruins in the land. National memorials, old parks and ancient palaces show the country’s colorful past. The many festivities and unique works of art show its cultural magnificence.

Vast natural parks await you in the hilly areas around the mangrove reserves and thick forests, not far from the capital city. Bird watching will reveal an impressive diversity of species found in Rajendrapur National Park. Those who want a glimpse of the elusive Royal Bengal tiger should go on a guided tiger spotting tour to the Sundarbans. Discovery Bangladesh and Travelers Add Tours offer organized trips around Dhaka and to the best nature reserves across the country.

Heritage tours will take you back to centuries past to discover the exotic beauty and rich culture that Bangladesh has to offer. The country is one of the best places for archeological digs and tribal tours in South Asia. Dhaka Holidays specializes in fascinating day trips around the most important landmarks, including key beaches and hill tracts.

Journey Plus, a leading tour company in Dhaka, specializes in scenic boat cruises down the River Buringanga, as well as tours around the peaceful mangroves. Travel Planners organizes trips to the beautiful beaches, ancient heritage sites and vast tea plantations. Bangladesh Ecotours specializes in indigenous tours and treks, and also offshore island excursions and sightseeing around the empty beaches of Cox’s Bazar.

Trekking in the hill tracts of Bandarban, Khagrachari and Rangamati can be very rewarding even for experienced hikers. These hilly areas may not seem very high, but the plant life and views along the summits are unique. The Guide Tours has its own resort in the Bandarban district, which is a popular starting point for climbing adventures.

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