Photo Credit: I-Ting Chiang

Every foreign traveler entering the United States is required to have a travel visa arranged prior to arrival in the country. Most people are required to have some form of travel visa, so contact your local American embassy or check online at the US government’s visa website to find out what is needed.

Health and Safety

Nearly all of the health hazards in Wyoming come from Mother Nature. Winter is the main culprit, bringing severe cold and heavy snowstorms that can make driving dangerous. It is suggested that drivers take extra precautions when driving in winter as most roads in the state are remote and lightly traveled. Wildlife is another potential danger, especially at night when deer and elk often cross the roads. Backcountry hikers should be cautious of encountering wild animals like bears on trails. Even moose can be dangerous, so it’s worth learning about the inherent natural dangers before heading out for camping or even a day hike.

With virtually no crime to speak of in Wyoming, this state is one of the safest places to travel in North America. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter any form of violent crime, but petty theft is a potential problem anywhere in the country. So use common sense when traveling around and don’t leave valuables on show in your car when parked at the trail head or inside a national park.

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