Photo Credit: Drew Jacksich

Wyoming Taxis and Car Rental

Wyoming is one of those American states that virtually requires a vehicle for any kind of practical travel. If you plan to spend your entire trip in Jackson, it’s feasible to use taxis to move around town. But even then, you would need a car of your own to drive to trail heads or other outdoor recreation sites. Nearly every visitor to Wyoming ends up renting a car, which is why it’s essential to book your rental well in advance. This is especially true during the peak winter and summer holiday periods, when car rental typically sells out completely. Several major car rental firms are located at the airport in Jackson and in the town centers of most major Wyoming cities.

Taxis can be found in the main towns like Jackson and Cheyenne, and are useful for travelers visiting on short trips for business. Some companies use fixed rates for all trips around town while others use a meter. Fares are reasonable in any case, but drivers do not cruise the towns looking for customers. You need to phone for a pick up. Most taxi companies are open 24 hours. In Jackson, try Cowboy Cab (+1-307-413-1000) and in the capital, Cheyenne, try Better Checker Taxi (+1-307-632-4444).

Wyoming Trains and Buses

There is no train service into Wyoming, but the Greyhound bus network has good routes to most major cities in the state. The bus tends to stick to destinations around the interstates, so it is difficult to reach remote towns without a car. Greyhound buses are cheap but not the most comfortable option for long trips. The large towns in Wyoming have public bus service, such as Jackson’s Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START), which keep regular routes around the useful parts of town. City bus service typically increases dramatically during the summer months.

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