Photo Credit: Amy Anderson

All foreign travelers entering America is required to have their travel visa arranged prior to arrival in the country. Most people are required to have some form of travel visa, so contact your local American embassy or check online at the US government’s visa website to find out what is needed.

Health and Safety

There are no particular health concerns in Wisconsin, though all visitors to the United States are advised to have vaccinations against hepatitis A and B before arrival. The winter weather is the biggest concern for most people because this part of the country gets some very cold and snowy winters. Be sure and travel with plenty of warm clothing, especially if you plan to do any kind of outdoor recreation in winter. Driving in Wisconsin is another potential issue. Drunk driving is something of a perennial problem throughout the state so always drive defensively. When driving on rural roads, be very aware of wildlife such as deer, especially after dark when they tend to stray into the roads.

The crime rate in Wisconsin is one of the lowest in the country. But travelers should still exercise the usual amount of caution when walking around the larger cities like Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Madison late at night. There are certainly elements of crime, though it usually takes the form of theft. Never leave anything of value in your car, especially a rental, because these are preferred targets for petty thieves.

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