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Wisconsin Taxis and Car Rental

With a car it is infinitely easier to move around each town as well as reach the state’s star attractions, which are almost always located on the outskirts. Even within big cities like Milwaukee and Madison, a car will be very useful for dining and evening entertainment. When compared to taxi fares, the costs of renting will likely be even cheaper. There are several major car hire chains to choose from at the airports and in the downtown districts of most large towns.

Should you need a taxi in one of Wisconsin’s larger towns there is typically at least one cab company available. Most taxis will use a meter to determine the fare, and in this state no taxi driver cruises around town looking for fares. Carry a couple of phone numbers so that you can call for a quick pick up whenever needed. In Milwaukee a good choice is Yellow Cab (+1-414-271-1800), while Madison’s Union Cab (+1-608-242-2000) is a popular company.

Wisconsin Trains and Buses

Travelers who want a scenic ride into Wisconsin can hop on the train. It’s a slow means of travel, but Amtrak has two lines running through Wisconsin that are very comfortable. The Empire Building line runs from Chicago to Seattle, making stops in Milwaukee, La Crosse, Portage, Tomah, and the Wisconsin Dells. The Hiawatha line goes from Chicago to Milwaukee with a stop right at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport and the town of Sturtevant. While not ideal for traveling between towns in the state, the Amtrak trains are great ways to get here.

The bus is more flexible and covers many more towns in Wisconsin. Greyhound operates the largest route network, with connections to Milwaukee and Madison from all over the region. For travel within the state, the bus is a good choice for those without a car. There are several companies to choose from, including Jefferson Lines, Indian Trails, Badger Coaches, Lamers Coaches, and Wisconsin Coach. Fares are very reasonable and the buses are fine for a short trip around the state.

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