Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The landscape in Wisconsin is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. The state borders two of the Great Lakes, is intersected by the mighty Mississippi and St Croix Rivers, and littered with pristine glacial lakes. All this water creates myriad conditions for fishing, boating, and other watery recreation. If nature isn’t your thing, The Dells region has more than 20 awesome indoor and outdoor water parks.

State parks can be found throughout Wisconsin, highlighting the gentle natural beauty of this region and providing a developed environment for bikers, hikers, and folks who just want a stroll and a picnic. With more than 500 golf courses and 60 golf resorts, Wisconsin is a golfer’s dreamland. The rolling landscape creates courses that are both fun and scenic.

The sheer quantity of golf courses in Wisconsin makes it one of America’s number one destinations for golf holidays. There are 60 dedicated golf resorts where you can step from your room to the first tee, and over 500 regular courses many of which are open to the general public. Greens fees here are very reasonable, and Golf Wisconsin can provide details and arrangements for every single course.

The Wisconsin Dells are one of the most scenic natural regions in the state. But what draws most visitors here are the 20 or so modern water parks open all year round. Noah’s Ark Waterpark claims to be America’s largest, though Wilderness Lodge also claims that title. Many of the parks are complete resorts with lodging, dining, and entertainment on site.

Kayaking options are aplenty in Wisconsin, from the thrilling whitewater of the Wolf and Peshtigo rivers to the tranquil lake kayaking around the Apostle Islands on the Great Lakes. Outfitters such as Living Adventure and Door County Kayak Tours arrange everything from rentals and training to all kinds of guided excursions.

The fishing here isn’t shabby either. Thousands of lakes, big and gigantic, offer the chance to fish just about anywhere in the state. Lake Michigan has great salmon fishing, while The Northwoods are famous for the native musky. There are dozens of professional fishing guides at every major water site, including WiBigFish and Eagle River Fishing Guides.

With 47 state parks and a slew of protected wildlife reserves, there are endless opportunities to get out and do some hiking in Wisconsin. The range of natural scenery here is outstanding, especially in fall when the hardwoods burst into color all over the state. Check the Wisconsin State Park System site for information on all the hot spots. From waterfalls and raging rivers to lakeside walks or mountaintop climbs, Wisconsin covers the spectrum.

Most of Wisconsin is rolling terrain, ideal for biking both on trails and pavement. Go back in time in Amish Coulee Country, hit the single track of John Muir Trail, or cruise the wide Gandy Dancer Trail that runs for 50 miles. Wisconsin ranks as the third best state in American for biking, so let a company like Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tours create the perfect itinerary for you.

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