Photo Credit: Daniel Mennerich

All visitors to America must have their visas completed before arrival in the country. To find out current visa requirements for citizens of your nation, check with your local US embassy or online at the US government’s visa website for more information.

Health and Safety

Vermont enjoys one of America’s lowest crime rates. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter any violent crime or even theft here. Most of the dangers in Vermont come from the natural world. The weather is the biggest concern, especially during the winter months, which are extremely cold and snowy. Whenever venturing outdoors in winter for recreation, be sure and go prepared with plenty of food, warm clothing, and a cell phone that works in case you have any kind of accident.

Driving is another big issue during the winter. Most of the two-lane roads in Vermont are rural and winding. Storms involving snow, ice, or sleet are common. When these weather conditions happen, the roads become dangerous. Ice in particular is a major concern because it is hard to see on the roads but totally slick. When driving in winter, always go out prepared with food, water, blankets, and a working cell phone. Vermonters are used to this kind of extreme winter weather and are always ready and willing to help stranded travelers so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you run into any trouble.

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