Syringe and Vaccine by NIAID via Flickr Creative Commons

All visitors to the United States need to have their travel visas completed before arriving in the country. To learn out what is required for your nationality you can contact your local US embassy about current visa regulations or browse online at the US government’s visa website for plenty of useful information.

Health and Safety

Like all major American cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have crime in certain districts. Fortunately, these areas are rarely places where tourists would need to go in Pennsylvania. In Philly, the Center City district is quite safe. Even Northern Liberties is mostly safe at night, though you should exercise caution when walking around any neighborhood in Philly. The city does have a problem with violent crime. Pittsburgh has a noticeably lower crime rate than Philly, so visitors should have no trouble unless they venture into the residential neighborhoods like the Hill District or Arlington Heights at night.

Although it’s often overblown, visitors should be aware that Pennsylvania has some very serious sports fans. In Philly and Pittsburgh fans take their team support to an almost religious level so try not to provoke them by flaunting a rival team. Simply cheer for the local team and you’ll be well-received. Driving can also be a bit dangerous in Pennsylvania during the winter. Roads often get icy, especially after a sleet storm, so drive very defensively in the winter months. In rural Pennsylvania wildlife crossing the road creates another driving hazard, particularly at night when deer are hard to spot.

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