Rural Route by Nicholas A. Tonelli via Flickr Creative Commons

Pennsylvania Taxis and Car Rental

If you only plan to visit Pittsburgh or Philadelphia then you probably won’t need a car to get a full experience of these cities. But anywhere else in Pennsylvania requires your own wheels to really get a proper sense of the rich history and beauty of the state. Rental cars are easily arranged at any airport and in most tourist-friendly towns of note. Rent by the week for extra low daily rates. While driving within the major cities is no joy, hitting the countryside of Pennsylvania is a real treat. Many visitors would attest that driving around is a highlight of their trip.

Taxis also have their place in Pennsylvania travel, but they’re only practical within the downtown centers of the big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Driving around Pittsburgh is a mess, so use a taxi company like Yellow Cab (+1-412-321-8100) to get around. Taxis aren’t cheap, and can’t be hailed on the street. Carry a number around to call for a pick up 24 hours. In Philadelphia the taxis are also a bit expensive but they are very convenient to move around the city without having to deal with traffic and navigation. PHL Taxi (+1-215-232-2000) is good company in Philly. All taxis in Pennsylvania use meters.

Pennsylvania Trains and Buses

Pennsylvania is one of the best states to reach by train. Amtrak runs nine different lines through the state for plenty of connections from the rest of the country. Amtrak trains a bit notorious for their delays but the seats are delightful and the scenery is always a treat. Philadelphia is the most common stop on Amtrak lines, though a dozen other cities are accessible on specific lines. Amtrak fares can be reasonable but are often little cheaper than a regional flight.

Philadelphia is the main bus hub for the state. Greyhound, Peter Pan, Trailways, and Bieber all run regular bus service into the city from destinations all around the country. Most of these companies also run decent bus service around the state. Fares are always very affordable though the comfort level is average at best.

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