Pennsylvania Again by Brook Ward via Flickr Creative Commons

Pennsylvania brings visitors a full plate of shopping fun, from Amish craftsmanship to funky boutiques in the big cities. This balance ensures that you will find diverse and interesting shopping just about anywhere you go in the state. In Pittsburgh and Philly things take a more sophisticated urban turn, but out in the vast rural countryside it’s more about arts and crafts.

Pittsburgh is a great city for shopping. All of its districts have both shopping mall-style sites as well as quiet streets dotted with independent boutiques selling all kinds of intriguing items. The South Side is a particularly hip area of Pittsburgh, with two notable centers along East Carson Street: Station Square and South Side Works. Upscale shopping can be found in Shadyside, while the Strip District is known for its neat ethnic markets and vendors. The 16:26 Design Zone is a hot spot for art galleries and unique home décor shops.

Philadelphia also has a fantastic scene if you want to branch out from your normal shopping parameters. This city prizes its independent shops so you can count on running across some real gems in South Street and Old City. In these uber-hip districts you’ll find everything from gourmet sneaker shops to vintage clothing. Antiques hunters should head to Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, where quality colonial-era treasures await. Even the gigantic Center City has plenty of interesting boutiques tucked between the big name retailers.

The other end of Pennsylvania’s shopping scene is found in the traditional rural regions like Lancaster County. This is Amish Country, and they are legendary for their craftsmanship in things like quilts and furniture. With the 300 years of residency, antiques are another great sector to explore in Dutch Country. Adamstown is renowned for its antiques shops, while Georgetown’s Fisher’s Houseware & Fabric epitomizes the Amish product catalogue. Markets are also a highlight of Amish Country, so try and visit Bird-in-Hand Farmers’ Market or Columbia Market for a fascinating experience that feels like another era.

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