Photo Credit: John Sonderman

Washington, DC has four distinct seasons and the weather is typical of any Mid-Atlantic city. Winter temperatures average around 38°F, while summer temperatures can sometimes soar to above 100°F, though typically the city experiences temperatures between 70°F and 80°F.

Spring and fall are generally warm, though tornadoes have hit the city during these seasons in the past. Though this is not common it is something to be aware of, with the most damage usually occurring in areas closest to the Potomac River. The last hurricane the city saw was in 2001; it damaged some trees in the capital city while doing more damage in the state of Maryland.

Best Time to Visit Washington, DC

Spring and fall are the busiest months for American tourists in Washington, DC thanks to its stunning spring cherry blossoms and beautiful autumn colors. Summer is most popular among international visitors and is when some of the city’s best festivals take place, and it can be difficult to find accommodations for those that have not already made reservations.

Winter is the least popular time to visit Washington, DC, though it does have its perks. It is the only time of year to enjoy ice skating in the National Mall and museums are virtually empty. It is also the best time of the year for theater goers as it is the peak of the theater season. Still, winter visitors should be prepared for heavy snow storms, which are not regular but do tend to shut down the city.

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