Yale Photo by Patrick Franzis via Flickr Creative Commons

The only international flights into Connecticut arrive from Canada and every traveler from our northern neighbor must have their travel visa in order before arriving. Most foreign nationals need some form of visa to travel in the United States, so check with your local US embassy for details. If you are already in the country, you can cross the border into Connecticut without any further immigration checks. The US government’s visa website offers useful information on tourist visas: http://travel.state.gov/visa/.

Health and Safety

Connecticut’s main cities of Hartford and New Haven have a reputation for being run down and crime ridden. This is true to some extent, so visitors need to be careful when traveling around certain areas of these cities, especially late at night. Car theft is a particular problem, so never leave anything of value inside your vehicle when you aren’t there. Connecticut’s small, rural towns are noticeably safer.

In terms of health concerns, visitors should have their hepatitis A and B vaccinations up to date, especially considering the wealth of fresh, delicious seafood on offer along the coast. Winters in Connecticut can be very cold, even along the coast where the damp, marine air can encourage colds and flu. Be sure and bring plenty of warm clothing if you plan a trip during the winter season.

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