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Saskatchewan Taxis and Car Rental

All Saskatchewan cities have at least a couple reliable taxi companies for visitors to choose from. Two of Regina’s biggest are Premiere Taxi (+1-306-525-9555) and Co-Op Taxi (+1-306-525-2727), while Saskatoon Radio Cabs (+1-306-242-1221) and Comfort Cabs (+1-306-664-6464) are among Saskatoon’s main operators. Car rental firms are equally easy to find in most major communities, and southern Saskatchewan’s flat highways make for generally easy driving. Much of the northern region, especially north of Prince Albert, is only accessible by air or ferry.

Saskatchewan Water Taxis

More than a dozen Saskatchewan communities are serviced by ferries, most of which travel across rivers. Therefore, fluctuating water levels sometimes change schedules and maximum weight capacities unexpectedly. All Saskatchewan ferries are free, except on the Wollaston Lake Barge, and many only run seasonally, operating after the winter ice melts.

Saskachewan Trains and Buses

Saskatchewan is the only Canadian province with its own bus network, the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC). STC buses have transported freight and passengers across the area since the company was established in 1946. Today, STC’s 43 motor coaches travel over three million miles annually to and from 290 communities across Saskatchewan. In addition to the three main terminals in Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon, the company also operates 197 rural agencies throughout the province.

Most major cities also have their own reliable bus networks. Regina Transit, the province’s oldest public transportation system operates 17 different routes throughout the capital six days a week, along with a modified Sunday schedule. Saskatoon Transit, which offers regular and express service across the city, is easy to board from the downtown terminal.

The two VIA Rail lines that travel through Saskatchewan are the Canadian line from Toronto to Vancouver, which runs through Saskatoon and a small section of the Hudson Bay route between the Manitoba communities of Churchill and Winnipeg.

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