Camel in Qatar by Jeff Tollefson via Flickr Creative Commons

Qatar offers a visa upon arrival for citizens from a range of Western countries, including the United States. When passengers arrive into the country, they will have to pay a small fee for the visa, which can be done via credit card. These visas are valid for 30 days, but can be extended if tourists have a sponsor. Search through for more information about traveling to Qatar.

Health and Safety

Crime is not really an issue in Qatar, although women may feel somewhat harassed when they holiday here. Men tend to stare at women, especially those from the West, which may make visitors feel uncomfortable. It is possible to purchase an abaya in places like Doha, which will hide some of the ‘different’ features Western women have. Women are allowed to wear whatever clothes they want, but it is advisable to wear less revealing clothing.

Qatar is a very hot country, so tourists need to take extra special care when traveling here. The temperature can soar to astronomical highs, meaning tourists have to cover their arms and legs, head, neck, and other exposed parts of the skin with clothing. Also, drink plenty of water, as the dry heat can lead to exhaustion and dehydration in no time at all.

Dust storms and haze is common throughout the year. It is best to stay indoors if this is happening. Sandstorms are also part and parcel of Qatar’s natural landscape. These can be quite uncomfortable when stuck outside. It is best to remain in the hotel until the sandstorm passes over.

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