Tour of Qatar by Abraham Puthoor via Flickr Creative Commons

Despite its relatively small size, Qatar jams plenty of interesting activities into its entertainment menu. From the hustle and bustle of Doha, to the desert regions of the central part of the peninsula, Qatar offers both relaxing and thrilling things to do. The desert safaris will take tourists many worlds away from the capital. Storm through the rugged dunes of Qatar’s outback in a four-by-four, and experience the beauty of its sandy landscape.

Doha is also equipped with plenty of family friendly places. There are a number of amusement parks and entertainment zones to keep tourists of all ages entertained. Some of the sites are located within shopping malls, so parents can literally drop off their children and spend the entire day on a shopping spree.

Golf is a popular activity to be found in Qatar. The Doha Golf Club is a magnificent site, set amongst the golden sands of the desert landscape. Its green blanket of grass makes it stand out quite dramatically. It hosts the Qatar Masters once a year, but is open to the public outside of this event. There is even an academy found on site. Golfing adventures in Qatar can be organized through Darwish Holidays.

When visiting Qatar, tourists have to enjoy a dhow ride along the Corniche. These traditional Arabian boats are perfect for those looking for a unique experience. Most of the cruises on dhow boats include dinner and entertainment, but just being on the boat itself may be entertainment enough for culture vultures. Organize a ride through Qatar Adventures.

Desert safaris are a fascinating way to spend a day or two in Qatar. The desert landscapes are very interesting places to explore, and since Qatar is not overly large, the chances of getting stuck in a dangerous situation when on a desert expedition is extremely slim. Plenty of tour operators leave from Doha to discover the beauty of Qatar’s desert. The best agency to arrange this type of activity is Qatar International Tours.

Qatar is a place with several important amusement sites. Some of the major shopping centers and popular touristy areas are home to a range of family-friendly sites. Winter Wonderland in the City Center Shopping Mall is a great place to take the family. X-Treme World is another important spot that children, adolescents, and young adults will adore. Flight Center can help arrange package deals with amusement park tickets thrown in.

There is no better activity in Qatar than souq shopping. There are several important souqs that need to be visited when in the capital city of Qatar, Doha. The Souq Waqif is the oldest souq and most popular bargain-shopping spot in the city. Omani Souq and the Gold Souq are also fantastic market places for cheap materials, including gold jewelry. Qatar International Tours is a great tour company offering tour trips to the market places around Qatar’s major urban areas.

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