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Qatar Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are one of the most convenient ways to get around Doha and the entire country of Qatar. There is generally only one company offering taxi services in Qatar. It is Karwa Taxis (+974-458-888), and is one of the Middle East’s most reliable and reputable transportation companies. Unfortunately, with the lack of transport abundance in Qatar, and the growing tourism and expat sectors, taxi demands are higher than supply. This means wait times can be quite long. It is best to call in advance if a taxi is needed. It is possible to find limousine services too, including Cabz Transport (+974-4-4410-383). They are more expensive than Karwa Taxis, but much more luxurious.

Car hire is another popular means of travel in Qatar. A selection of the world’s most reliable car hire services are available in the major tourist areas. Doha International Airport, Doha downtown, and plenty of other busy tourist spots are home to numerous car rental companies. Budget, Avis, Hertz, and Alamo are some of the more reputable organizations offering car hire in Qatar. Drivers must have their international license to hire a car.

Qatar Trains and Buses

Both inner-city and inter-city buses are operated by the same company – Karwa. Tourists can get from one side of the Qatar Peninsular to the other by bus. Connections are offered between Doha, Al Khor, Dukhan, and Umm Sa’id. However, there are plenty of stops available between these cities. Traveling around the capital city by bus is often the most popular mode of transport in Doha.

There are no railway lines available inside Qatar. Bus travel is the main form of transportation when tourists are unable to drive a vehicle themselves.

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