Photo Credit: Philippe LeRoyer

No matter how travel agents may spin it, Bahrain is a Gulf country and therefore has exceptionally hot weather during the summer months, with the thermometer often hitting 90°F, even at night. For at least eight months of the year, though, the climate is distinctly Mediterranean, with beautiful bright days in the eighties giving way to mild evenings that are ideal for relaxing outside. During these times, there is nowhere in the world with better weather, especially as it is almost always guaranteed not to rain. On average, there are only 10 days with precipitation each year.

During hot spells, public areas including shops, hotel lobbies, offices, and malls, seem to crank up the air conditioning to border on freezing; which explains why you will see expats walking around in 110°F heat in shawls, cardigans, and cover-ups. Average temperatures range from 65°F in January to 100°F in August, and seasons don’t make much of an appearance.

Best Time to Visit Bahrain

Naturally, given the heat of the sun, any month that isn’t summer will be appreciated by visitors. That means October through May is all very comfortable, with the late and early parts of the year being particularly amenable.

Peak is between December and March; but be warned, this can also coincide with the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix, so there will be limited availability of accommodations toward the end of the high season. Summertime can be pleasant for those who are either daring or unaffected by the sun. Given the quieter conditions, it is possible to enjoy the traditional element of Bahrain to gain insight into how the Bahrainis have lived for generations amid the sun and humidity. The holiday periods of Ramadan and Eid can be difficult because forward-thinking Saudis will often reserve their accommodation well in advance, leading to room shortages.

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