Photo Credit: Maks Karochkin

Most visitors to Armenia need a visa but these can be obtained on arrival at airports or other ports of entry. An e-visa can be applied for online and will be issued within a few days. US travelers must obtain a tourist visa which allows for a stay of up to 21 days at an Armenian embassy in advance of travel. Travelers are advised to check visa details here:

Health and Safety

There are a few vaccinations which may be worth getting before arriving in Armenia. Hepatitis A and B, typhoid and tetanus-diphtheria are necessary, while malaria medication is only recommended for travelers to the Ararat Valley near the Turkish border in the Artashat region.

Medical facilities and supplies are limited in the country, especially in outlying areas. It should be noted that most doctors require treatment costs to be reimbursed in cash, upfront and in full. Travelers are advised to take out travel insurance policies and carry essential medications with them from home.

Crime in Armenia is very low but is more common in bigger cities like Yerevan. Pickpocketing in the larger urban centers is not overly common, but it would be best to take the necessary precautions nevertheless. While attacks on women are not frequent, single females, especially those walking alone at night, might attract more attention than desired.

The food in Armenia is fine to eat, but washing fruits and vegetables can do no harm. While most locals drink the tap water, tourists can purchase bottled and purified water in most local stores.

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