Photo Credit: Kinolamp

While there are a few developed malls and established department stores especially in the bigger cities, the allure of shopping in Armenia is the authentic, handmade nature of most of the country’s goods. That being said, Yerevan is definitely the center of Armenia’s shopping life. With several districts specializing in different goods, travelers are sure to find something that piques their fancy. From second hand books in sprawling flea markets to local art in quaint galleries, this city is the place to be for a good shopping spree.


By far the best place to shop and where tourists will find the widest range of goods and handicrafts is at the Vernissage weekend flea market in Yerevan. Tourists can find anything and everything from local odds and ends. Whether you’re looking for antiques from the Soviet era, one of a kind silver jewelry, old communist medals or original Armenian carpets and textiles, this market has it all.

The best part is that the goods are either hand made or are authentic pieces of Armenian culture. Unlike some of the bigger stores, Vernissage prides itself on providing crafts rather than mass produced goods. While bargaining in more traditional stores is not accepted, feel free to negotiate a better price with the sellers at the stalls in Vernissage to score a great deal.

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