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Thanks to its beautiful mountainous terrain, Armenia boasts a range of outdoor and nature-related things to do that will get those looking for an adrenaline rush excited. The bigger bodies of water are great for swimming, while a myriad of mountain ranges are perfect for hiking and caving.

Travelers need not be outdoor experts to partake in these activities as tour companies cater to all levels of difficulty and expertise. Trekking, for instance, ranges from month-long expeditions to relatively stress-free, day-long hikes. For those who are not interested in adventure, however, there also calmer options like scenic walks and fishing.

Armenia is a birder’s paradise with several bird-watching opportunities around the country. The country boasts nearly 350 species with the many different landscapes for homes. Visit the forests of Dilijan to catch a glimpse of the middle spotted woodpecker and the green warbler or the slopes of the Tsaghkunyats Mountains where the black grouse is bound to be hiding. Birdwatching Breaks and Birdquest offer tours focusing solely on the birds.

Caving is one of the most popular activities in Armenia with the country’s beautiful and challenging mountain ranges providing the perfect venues. The longest cave is the Archeri (Bear) Cave in the Vayots Dzor region, which is perfect for beginners and experts alike. The Geographic Travel Club runs excursions here that cover layers of tiff crystals and spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations.

There are several opportunities for hiking and trekking in Armenia as are there a plethora of tours and packages. The most popular destination for both long and short journeys is Mount Aragats, with many companies including the surrounding ranges, as well. Erkir Nairi is known for organizing well-planned, safe expeditions at a range of difficulty levels and budgets.

While nothing compared to those in the Alps, the skiing on Mount Tsaghkunyats still provide a great deal of wintertime fun. Snow bunnies will find a quaint resort with very modern alpine tracks perfect for downhill skiing and cross country routes for the more adventurous traveler. Ski tours can be organized through the Armenian Travel Bureau.

The Yerevan Brandy Company is an Armenian institution and a great place to squeeze in some brandy-tasting while on the trip. This world famous distillery operates tours which are loads of fun and are generally associated with a substantial amount of sampling along the way. Sip on what was widely known as Sir Winston Churchill’s drink of choice in its country of origin.

Fishing can be a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon or an exciting new adventure. Either way, Armenia’s bodies of water offer anglers several chances to make their big catch. Whether you’re at the serene Lake Sevan or the Hrazdan River, companies like ActiTour and AeroTour will make sure the Armenian fishing experience is a good one.

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