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Afghanistan Taxis and Car Rental

Depending on the distance, destination, and your bargaining skills, taxi fares range from cheap to expensive and roam around Kabul during the day. Drivers may know basic English and can often be found loitering around major hotels, the airport, and other Western-friendly locations. Always practice extra precaution when hailing cabs in Afghanistan, especially near sensitive locations like military bases. Private taxis are available and are popular with expats, but 24-hour minicabs are also available for airport drop offs and pickups. When entering a taxi, it is customary for the women to sit in the back seat. It is wise to keep taxi numbers in your wallet or your phone especially when going out after dark, as public transportation can be hard to find at night. Afghan Logistics & Tours (+93-70-027-7408 or +93-70-028-8668) offers both private taxis and car rental at reasonable rates.

Renting a car, preferably with a driver or a guide, is probably the wisest way to get around Afghanistan, especially when traversing ‘relatively safe’ roads. Afghan Logistics & Tours is the most trusted agent and they offer SUVs, minivans, Toyotas, and trucks along with drivers who are also handy with car repairs, (an essential skill, given the country’s rough roads). When driving, be sure to stay out of the way of military convoys and never attempt to overtake a military vehicle, no matter how slow they may be. Remember that these people are heavily armed, and approaching with speed or driving too close may be interpreted as a threat.

Exploring downtown Kabul on foot is not a bad idea either, especially during spring and fall. The city is very compact and safe for walking if you stay within the central downtown. Remember to keep a low profile and beware of any gathering crowds, demonstrations, or similar public nuisances. If possible, vary your routes to avoid any possibility of abduction.

Afghanistan Water Taxis

It is possible to get to and from different areas of the country via the inland waterway. The Amu Darya River serves as a connecting channel with main ports on the riverbanks of Shair Khan, Kheyrabad, and Keleft.

Afghanistan Trains and Buses

There is no train system within Afghanistan, but there are regular buses that run around popular destinations within Kabul. Millie Bus operates different routes around the city, but it is advisable to use taxis if you want to get to your destination faster. Regular connections are available between Jalalabad and Peshawar in Pakistan, as well as between Herat and the city of Mashad in Iran, but take note that border checks can cause delays.

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