French is the official language in the territory although other tongues are also spoken. Regional languages such as French Guiana Creole and Amerindian (including Palijur, Arawak, Wayana, Emerillon, Wayampi, and Kali’na) are still used alongside Maroon dialects like Aluku, Paramaccan, Ndyuka, and Saramaka. English is widely spoken, along with Portuguese and Spanish.


French Guiana uses the euro as its official currency. The territory is a very convenient place to travel as credit cards are widely accepted, especially Carte Bleue, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Diners Club. ATMs are also available in major cities like Cayenne, Kourou, Ile de Cayenne, Saint Laurent du Maroni, and elsewhere in the region. A few places also take traveler’s checks and currency exchange facilities can be found at the airport and in different establishments in Cayenne.


GMT +3.


The standard voltage used throughout French Guiana is 220-240 V with primary socket types Shcuko and Europlug. A step down transformer, voltage converte, and plug adapter is needed to use devices and appliances that do not use the same specifications.


The area code for French Guiana is +594, followed by the nine-digit phone number. Mobile phone service is reliable throughout the region and access is readily available almost everywhere. Portable satellite internet is also on hand, while many establishments have complimentary internet access.


Duty-free restrictions and allowances for French Guiana are the same as those imposed in France and other French overseas territories.

Tourist Office

Comite du Tourisme de la Guyane:

Consulates in French Guiana

British Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-31-10-34
Suriname Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-28-21-60
Italian Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-33-17-01
Danish Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-38-05-38
Brazilian Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-29-60-10
Barbados Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-31-10-34


Emergency: 112 or 15
Police Department: 112 or 17
Fire Department: 112 or 18