Whether it is thrills, a cultural experience or live space launch you are after, French Guiana promises an unforgettable holiday. It offers one-of-a-kind adventures for those who love the outdoors, thanks to its massive forests and well preserved wildlife. It also offers interesting attractions for those who are interested in indigenous culture.

From the exotic forests and islands Kourus’ modern marvels and the lively capital-city vibe of Cayenne, you will never run out of places to visit and things to do in French Guiana. Taking part in Mardi Gras celebrations is a must, as the region hosts one of the longest, most colorful and unique Carnival celebrations in the world just hours from the heart of it all in Brazil.

Nature breaks in the French Amazonia give you access to some of the most rugged lands anywhere. Get one on one with Mother Earth by camping in the thick of the jungle or by trying exotic adventures like hiking, fishing, or panning for gold. Bathe in the fresh springs and waterfalls for a soothing escape to recharge your body while taking in the beauty of nature. Adventure Guianas is your gateway to some of the most beautiful sanctuaries, waterfalls, rainforests, and majestic mountain trails in French Guiana.

The rushing water that slices through the forests offer all kinds of river adventures, providing superb routes for exploring the exotic wilderness. In addition to canoeing and boat tours, a cruise along the river will take you to the hidden villages for a glimpse of the region’s rich Maroon and Amerindian indiginous cultures. Bushmasters can tailor an exciting trip deep in the jungles of Guiana, offering four-wheel drive tours, jungle hikes and wildlife watching to travelers who want to catch glimpse of some of the most elusive creatures of the forests. The group also provides guided boat tours through some of the most unexplored parts of French Amazonia.

Experienced cyclists will enjoy mountain biking along the coastal areas and mountainside. The region’s highest peak, Bellevue de l’Lnini, as well as Tumac-Humac in the south offer scenic backdrops for riding. Travelers can also enjoy downhill treks and biking in areas like Mont Favard, Mont Machalou and Pic Coudreau, among many other hilly regions.

Island hopping in French Guiana will give you a glimpse not only of the natural gifts of the territory, but of its colonial history, as well. Its smaller islands, especially Devil’s Island, Iles du Connetable and Iles du Salut are stunning sanctuaries with excellently preserved structures including old prison camps. Dagron Tours specializes in Caribbean and Amazonian tours, including visits to the historic Devil’s Island.

Coordinate with Centre Spatial Guyanais if you wish to visit the Guiana Space Center for exhibits and interactive shows. A working launch center, it gives visitors the chance to watch vessels take off into the unknown.