The cooking style of French Giana clearly shows its rich ethnic background. Gastronomic influences include neighboring South American nations and naturally, the French, but distinct tastes from Asian culinary giants such as the Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesians are also evident. Eating out is always enjoyable as the towns offer an excellent selection of restaurants with a wide range of cuisines for every tastebud. While here, don't miss the local favorite, bouillon d’aoura which is a mix of prawns, crab, chicken, smoked fish, and vegetables flavored with aurora fruit. You should also try fricasee, a dish made from rice and beans served with game meat freshly caught from the forest. The nightlife in French Guiana is tame, but the urban towns do have a good mix of nightclubs.

Bars and Pubbing in French Guiana

Only a handful of clubs can be found in the cities of Kourou, Cayenne and St Laurent du Maroni as bars and nightspots pop up like weeds and disappear just as quickly. Cinemas can be found in the major cities, mostly featuring French films for a relaxed night out. The Golden Beach is a nice coastal strip lined with bars for partying as well as laidback restaurants to enjoy good food and stunning views.

Acropolys (Route de Cabassou, Cayenne) is one of the oldest and most popular bars in Cayenne. Greek-themed, it is a good place to hang out for drinks and Zouk music. However, if it is blues and jazz you are after, check out Harry’s Bar (20 Rue Rouget de l’Isle, Cayenne), a cozy joint that offers a wide selection of beers and a long list of whiskeys to choose from. They stay open late, especially during the weekends (up to 2:00 a.m.). Bar Des Palmistes (Rue Malonet, Cayenne) is also an option, offering cool drinks and excellent food  with a side of sweeping views of the Place des Palmistes Park nearby.

Dining and Cuisine in French Guiana

French and Asian food is just as common as local cuisine in French Guiana. A good range of cafés, delis and international restaurants can be found in every corner of every city. Even small food stalls in the market areas  are worth trying for their unique flavors. Les Pyramides (corner of Rues Christophe Colomb and Malouet, Cayenne) is perfect for those who crave Egyptian and Mediterranean fare. It is quite expensive, but worth the splurge.

There are many international joints in French Guiana. Denis (21 Rue Lt Brasse, Cayenne) is a budget-friendly Chinese restaurant offering authentic Asian cuisine. Porta Verde (58 Rue du Lt Goinet, Cayenne) is a nice little Brazilian spot with hearty buffet lunches, but reserve a table in advance if you want to eat dinner here as it does get crowded. La Kaz Kreol (35 Av d’Estrees, Cayenne) offers traditional and modern Creole food.

Plenty of food stalls line Place des Palmistes in Cayenne, offering a wide range of tasty offerings from delicious crepes to tasty noodles, juicy hamburgers, sandwiches, and local favorites like Indonesian fried rice, at dirt cheap prices. Eating out in the markets is quite an experience, but if you wish to enjoy a more comfortable setting while keeping your budget intact, opt for small cafés like Crepin (5 Rue du Lt Becker, Cayenne), which serves hearty breakfasts, light lunches and tasty snacks ranging from sandwiches to crepes paired with fresh juices. Le Café Creme (44 Rue J Catayee, Cayenne) is the place to go to for Parisian-style coffee, delicate pastries and enormous baguettes.