French Guiana is a brilliant place for shopping, especially if you are into unique curios and local crafts. The towns have a number of places to buy all kinds of products from electronics to gifts, clothing, jewelry, gold ornaments, and of course, souvenirs. If you are serious about shopping, do not miss Central Market with its colorful shacks and attractive food stalls that keep the retail experience interesting. Fashionable boutiques have started popping up around the cities in recent years, but the star of the scene for many shopaholics are the unique Amerindian products in almost every craft shop in town.

Among the most popular buys are traditional goods such as bows and arrows, cotton hammocks, tribal Maroon gourds, woodcarvings, hand-painted and hand-carved trays, and authentic silver and gold jewelry. You will also see a lot of Javanese bamboo, tobacco, batik, wicker, ceramic, and even liquor.

Cayenne’s Main Market is the place to go for all kinds of bargains, ranging from Hmong handicrafts to exotic spices, African paintings, and bizarre-looking vegetables and fruits. The market is lined with soup stalls that serve up the best Vietnamese pho and other tasty noodle dishes. Quality and price-wise, Gadecoop is an excellent place to buy authentic Amerindian handicraft and traditional crafts in French Guiana. This cooperative was established by artisans and artists and all proceeds go directly to the villagers.