French Guiana Taxis and Car Rental

Public transportation is limited in French Guiana, but is enough to cater to the local populace, as well as the tourists. Taxis are available in Cayenne, Remire-Montjoly, Matoury, Kouru and other major towns. Cabs are the best way to get around, especially if you are an inexperienced driver and fares are quite reasonable. When staying in Kourou, you may contact Rodriguez Reyes Luis Eduardo (+594-594-32-32-34) for taxis, Vernet Joel (+594-594-37-77-54) or Chipan Henri (+594-594-31-22-62) in Cayenne and Guyane Limousine (+594-594-37-77-54) in Remire-Montjoly. Matoury also has its own share of taxi operators, including Ossard Ruddy (+594-594-30-37-58) and Taxi Ossard (+594-594-35-71-29).

Renting a car is easy and a good idea if you want to explore the territory at your own speed. Car companies abound in Cayenne, some with desks at the airport. Driving in French Guiana is pleasant as infrastructure is well developed and many scenic roads await, especially along the coastal areas. You do not need an international driving license. Europcar (+594-594-35-18-27) and Hertz (+594-594-35-60-69) operate here, along with many local providers. Some companies also offer campers and bicycles for rent for more adventurous pursuits.

French Guiana Water Taxis

French Guiana has 2,112 miles of waterways, a large part of which can be navigated using native crafts and ocean-going vessels and steamers for transport. It is also possible to cross the Le Maroni and Oyapoque rivers from neighboring Suriname and Brazil.

French Guiana Trains and Buses

French Guiana never had an established rail system, though a train does exist within the Guiana Space Center. Buses are the main form of transportation to get from city to city or around Cayenne. Several lines serve the capital, while minibuses provide transfers between major areas. Buses follow a fixed rate system and you will be asked to pay the full amount even if you are only traveling part of the route.