"Rio de Janeiro" by Sama093 via Flickr Creative Commons

  • Brazil’s main language is not Spanish, but Portuguese, so Spanish is rarely understood by locals
  • Emergency contact numbers mostly require Portuguese language, so learn at least some of the local language before holidaying in Brazil
  • If traveling during peak season, book accommodations months in advance
  • Avoid any racist slander, as this is illegal in Brazil and can land people in serious trouble
  • Drink bottled water where possible
  • If driving a car rental at night, keep doors locked and windows up for safety

Contact Numbers

Police: 190
Emergency: 192(ambulance), 193 (fire)
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein: +55-11-2151-1301
Hospital Brasilia: +55-61-3442-4000
Canadian Embassy: +55-61-3424-5400
Australian Embassy: +55-61-3266-3111
US Embassy: +55-61-3312-7000
British Embassy: +55-61-3329-2300
Call Taxi Sao Paulo: +55-11-5071-6560

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