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Things to do in Brazil range from lazy days at the beach to trekking through the jungle, or traversing the varied landscape. Whether you want to be a cultural connoisseur or an adventurer, there’s something for everyone in this South American gem.

Tourists need to brace themselves for Carnival, the world’s grandest and most prolific festival. Held over a span of five days in February, Carnival is awash in color, music, dance, parades and joyous festivities. While it is an annual celebration, no year is the same. Although the festival can get overwhelming at times, Carnival stands for everything beautiful about Brazil – intense passion, friendly locals, and rhythmic beats. Be sure to book your tickets early as events have been known to sell out 6 months to a year in advance or let Biosfera Brasil take care of your tour package.

Tourists have to experience a football match when holidaying in Brazil. Several major stadiums are found throughout the country, hosting matches on a regular basis. If possible, get tickets to international games, especially against bitter rivals Argentina or Uruguay. Brazilian football is often referred to as ‘the beautiful game’, which comes from the elegant-style of movement by the country’s best players. Gullivers Sports Travels can arrange tickets through a packaged, Brazilian tour.

Touring the Amazon basin is a must for any visitor to Brazil. The Amazonian region is the world’s richest natural environment, teeming with thousands of unique wildlife species. See the area by boat, hike or jeep through the world’s thickest jungles and largest river system. Travel to the Reserve of Mamiraua or Humaita to embrace Mother Nature at her most endearing. For a reliable tour, try the reputable Amazon Tours Brazil company, which has been operating for many years.

Brazil is famous for its surfing beaches, eclipsing many more renowned spots around the globe with the stunning array of quality breaks. However, you don’t have to be an expert to surf in Brazil as there are plenty of schools providing quick and affordable lessons. From the southern beaches of Florianopolis and Santa Catarina, to the kite-surfing beaches of Fortaleza, Brazil has a hundreds of sand bars lining the Atlantic Coast that will cure any surfing itch. Line Up Explorers can find packages for any level of experience.

Dancing is a part and parcel of Brazilian culture so, naturally, dance lessons have become a significant part of Brazil’s tourism industry. Many of the best schools for visitors are located around Rio de Janeiro. Whether you want to learn the beautiful sways of samba, or give the martial arts based capoeira a try, Eletricat can arrange lessons for you.

Like dance, Brazil’s music is just as important to the country’s vibe. Visitors can learn how to play samba, or try one of the other pieces of percussion-based music famous at schools across the country. Contact Southern Explorations for more information.

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