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Trinidad and Tobago has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. The weather is tempered by the northeast trade winds, which keep temperatures to an average of 77°F year round. The rainy season usually begins with storms in June, averaging nine or 10 inches of rain per month up until September, when precipitation eases to seven inches until December. The dry season runs from January to May and can be very hot and dry, with only about two inches of rainfall a month. The island of Tobago has slightly cooler weather than Trinidad, but both lie outside the main hurricane belt so while tropical storms are possible; the islands usually escape major damage.

Best Time to Visit Trinidad and Tobago

The dry season between January and May is the best time to visit Trinidad and Tobago because the temperatures are warm and rain is rare. The Carnival season in January and February is another particularly popular time and also sees the highest hotel prices.

The wet season is characterized by daily afternoon showers as opposed to one massive uninterrupted downpour. Hotel prices are lower during this time and the temperatures remain warm, so some travelers prefer to visit in the low season to take advantage of the sandy beaches without the crowds.

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