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English is the official language of Trinidad and Tobago, and is almost universally understood. A local form of spoken Creole is also widely used. Some members of the population also speak Spanish, French, Hindi, or Chinese.


The official currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD). US dollars are also widely accepted. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted by many businesses, particularly large stores, restaurants, and hotels. Other types of credit cards are much less common. ATMs are available in the large settlements that accept Cirrus or Plus cards with a four-digit PIN. A better exchange rate is generally available at currency exchange offices.


Trinidad and Tobago is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, which is four hours behind GMT (GMT -4).


Trinidad and Tobago uses electricity at 115V/60Hz with plug types A and B. Devices from North America and Japan usually work in Trinidad and Tobago without the need for an adaptor. Visitors using appliances that use a different voltage will need a transformer.


Trinidad and Tobago falls under the American numbering plan, so calling from the United States to Trinidad and Tobago is the same as calling any other American state, except that it is more expensive. The international dialing code is +1 868. Landlines are provided by the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT), which is jointly owned by Cable & Wireless and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. There are two main mobile operators: bMobile and Digicel. Public telephones are mostly coin operated, but are often out of order. Internet cafés exist in large towns and Wi-Fi is available at the airport, as well as at some cafés and hotels.


Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago who are over 17 years of age may use the duty-free allowances of 1.5 liters of (unopened) liquor and 200 cigarettes or 250gm of tobacco. Perfume is limited to ‘reasonable’ quantities.

Tourist Office

Ministry of Tourism: Levels 8 & 9, Tower C, International Waterfront Complex, 1 Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: +1-868-624-1403 or

Consulates in Trinidad and Tobago

Australian High Commission, Port of Spain: +1-868-628-0695 High Commission of Canada, Port of Spain: +1-868-622-6232 American Embassy, Port of Spain: +1-868-622-6371


Police: 999 Fire: 990 Ambulance: 811

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