Photo Credit: Christian Lendl

St Vincent and the Grenadines Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are available on the larger islands like St Vincent and Bequia. On some of the smaller islands of the Grenadines such as Mayreau or Petit St Vincent there are none available, but the islands are small enough to walk around and you can ask your hotel for a pick up. Taxis do not run on a meter but on a fixed price fare set by the government, so you should confirm the price of the journey before taking the ride. On St Vincent you can call Sam’s Taxi and Tours (+11-784-456-4233), and on Bequia you can call Jump in Taxi Service (+11-784-458-3782).

There are car rental companies on St Vincent and Bequia, which provides a nice way of exploring the islands. Be aware that some of the roads on the islands may not be paved, so it is worth renting an SUV (known as ‘Jeeps’) for added safety. On St Vincent you can call Avis (+11-784-456-2929) or Hertz (+11-784-456-1743). On Bequia you can call B&G Jeep Rental (+11-784-458-3760) or Challenger Rental Service (+11-784-458-3811)

St Vincent and the Grenadines Water Taxis and Ferries

Water taxis operate between Canouan and Union Island, about a 45-minute trip; and between Union Island and Mayreau, about 10 minutes. Bequia has frequent water taxis leaving from Frangipani docks to take you to different points around the island.

There is a regular scheduled ferry service between Bequia and St Vincent, operated by Admiralty Transport and Bequia Express. The journey takes around an hour and runs daily.

St Vincent and the Grenadines Trains and Buses

There are no passenger trains in St Vincent and the Grenadines. For public transport you will need to travel by bus, in the form of privately owned minivans regulated by the government. These vans have the letter ‘H’ on their license plate. You are able to flag the buses down alongside the road, or you can head to the bus terminal at New Kingstown Fish Market.

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