Photo Credit: Christian Lendl

The 32 islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines provide plenty of opportunity to see beautiful flora and fauna, such as at the Vermont Nature Trail where a sighting of the endemic St Vincent parrot is virtually guaranteed. For excellent marine life you should head to the Tobago Cays. You can step into history by visiting Fort Charlotte or Fort Duvernette, or step back further by viewing the ancient Arawak rock carvings.

Fort Charlotte and Fort Duvernette

For a glimpse into the heritage of St Vincent and the Grenadines, you can visit these colonial era forts. Fort Charlotte is the largest fortification in the country, at Kingstown in the nation’s capital. Completed in 1806, it was built to defend the island against other colonial powers when the British took control. Fort Duvernette is close by on Young Island, and was built in 1800 on a rocky islet. There are several authentic cannons that were used during the 19th century to be viewed. Address: Fort Charlotte, Kingstown, St Vincent; Fort Duvernette, Young Island, St Vincent Phone: n/a Website:

Vermont Nature Trail

This is a popular nature walk as it gives ample opportunity to see the endemic St Vincent parrot in all its glory. It is a medium-grade hike, lasting around two hours. Along the way you will be able to witness the splendor of the tropical nature. It will take about half an hour to drive to the start of the trail from Kingstown, in the southern interior. Address: Vermont Nature Trail, southern St Vincent Phone: n/a Website:

La Soufriere Volcano

A popular day-trip is a hike up to the summit of La Soufriere volcano. Reaching an altitude of 3,950ft, it takes about two hours to reach the top. Along the way you pass bamboo groves, rainforest, and old lava flows. The volcano is still active; it last erupted in 1979. Address: La Soufriere Volcano, north St Vincent Phone: n/a Website:

Bequia Turtle Sanctuary

Also known as the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary this is a major center for the preservation hawksbill turtles in the Caribbean. Here, turtles are bred and kept in captivity for the first three years of their lives until they are strong enough to be released into the wild. Address: Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, Bequia Phone: +11-784-458-3245 Website:

Tobago Cays

The St Vincent cays are an archipelago of five uninhabited small islands. Today, they are protected as a marine park, and offer amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities in the surrounding waters. It is possible to reach the islands by your own boat, water taxi from Mayreau, or you can take a scheduled day tour. Address: Tobago Cays, near Mayreau Phone: +11-784-485-8191 Website:

Botanical Gardens

The national gardens in Kingstown is the second oldest botanical park in the Americas (a site in Philadelphia being the first), and the oldest in the tropics, dating back to 1765. As you walk through the gardens there are several examples of endemic and introduced species, such as a breadfruit tree brought to the island by Captain Bligh after he survived the mutiny on the HMS Bounty. Address: St Vincent and the Grenadines Botanical Garden, Kingstown, St Vincent Phone: +11-809-457-1003 Website:

Arawak Rock Carvings

There some ancient rock carvings by the Arawak people dating back thousands of years at locations in Layou, Mesopotamia, Petit Bordel. Layou are the most accessible carvings, where you can see a few images of human figures and faces carved into a 20-foot high rock that date back over 1,300 years. Address: Layou, Mesopotamia, and Petit Bordel Phone: n/a Website: n/a

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