Photo Credit: Steve Walker

St Lucia Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are readily available on St Lucia, and you can hail them on the street. They are cars or minivans with a red number plate with the letters ‘TX’. Taxis are not metered, but fixed fare, so you should negotiate the price before stepping in. Fares are either quoted in Eastern Caribbean dollars or USD, so you should confirm which currency is being asked for. There are several companies operating in St Lucia, such as A2Z Taxi Service (+11-758-6354), North Lime Taxi Association (+11-758-452-8562), or Southern Taxi Association (+11-758-454-6136).

Renting a car on St Lucia is a good way of getting around the island since it is small and the road network is developed. Prices will be similar to renting in the US or Canada. You will also need to purchase a driving permit, for a nominal fee. There are several locally owned operators, or you can rent from Avis (+11-758-452-7000) and Hertz (+11-758-452-0680).

St Lucia Water Taxis

There are some water taxis for going short distances around the bay of Soufriere. You can catch these to places like Anse Chastenet or Jaloise Beach, available from the jetty. You will also find similar water taxi services at other popular bays and beaches.

St Lucia Trains and Buses

There are no railroads on the island of St Lucia. The main form of public transport is minibuses that run regular routes between popular places, such as Castries, Soufriere, and Vieux Fort. Services run to demand, not a scheduled route, but they do run frequently. The cost of using these buses is economical, although comfort may be sacrificed as the van is shared with up to 12 other people.

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