Photo Credit: Jenni Konrad

LF Wade International Airport

Formerly Bermuda International, LF Wade International Airport resides in the northeast of the island and brings in tourists direct from mainland US, Canada, and the UK. The single-terminal airport serves almost one million flyers a year and can handle Boeing 747s. Nine scheduled airlines serve LF Wade, including Air Canada, AA, and British Airways, from the likes of New York (only two hours), Atlanta, Toronto, and London Gatwick (a seven hour flight). Airlines operating here include American, Air Canada, BA, United, Delta, JetBlue, US Airways, West Jet, and AirTran.

A steep airport tax and airplane landing fees bump up the prices for tickets to Bermuda. Many visitors thus decide to book holidays as a package, with flights and hotels included. This method generally works out cheaper than buying flights and hotels separate, plus the larger hotels often provide transport as part of the deal. However, be sure to check out the hotel and where you will be staying as you could end up in a less than desirable area away from the beach. Be aware that all tourists arriving by plane must have accommodation in Bermuda pre-booked per customs regulations.

There is just one terminal at LF Wade International Airport, with two departure areas: one for US-bound flights only and another for US, Canadian and UK flights. Customs checks for returning to the US are done in Bermuda, allowing for quicker domestic transfers which are a huge perk to US travelers. There are decent facilities at this little airport, including duty-free, souvenirs, news and sundry stores, along with a bistro, a café and a trattoria/sports bar. There is also a coffee shop, a children’s play area, executive lounges, Wi-Fi, ATMs, and a smoker’s lounge.

Airport Transfers

Those booked on hotel/air inclusive packages will typically have their airport transfers included so check with your hotel before anything else. This is ideal as taxis are expensive and public buses don’t allow luggage. Taxis meet all flights curbside, but rates are steep and go up by 25 percent at night and on Sunday. However, all prices are posted and drivers must use meters so you know what you’re in for. A trip to Somerset is about double the cost of the ride to Hamilton. Public buses run every 15 minutes during office hours, while minibuses and limousines are also available.

Be aware that car rental is not possible on Bermuda. Apart from the main route to Hamilton, most roads are very narrow and hordes of tourist driving SUVs and the like would quickly clog the streets. Tourists tend to rely on taxis or make use of the ferry and bus system, or hire a scooter.

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