Photo Credit: Arthur LaBar

The Bahamas is tropical and typically bathed in sunshine for most of the year. There are two seasons: the dry (winter) December through April and the rainy (summer) season from May through November. The dry season is easily the best time, with less precipitation and nice daily average temperatures of around 77°F (25°C).

Be aware that the Bahamas lies in a region which is prone to hurricanes. Tropical storms and severe weather appear in the summer months—typically July through October—but don’t always strike the Bahamas. This is the low season, when it is humid and hot (mid-80s °F), plus there is more chance of rain. Most showers appear between June and August, with June alone seeing nine inches.

But don’t be put off if you cannot visit in winter as it can also be nice and sunny, and hotels are typically cheaper. To avoid the worst of the rainy season, consider visiting in May or November. Also, think about staying in the most northerly islands, where it is typically cooler.

Best Time to Visit the Bahamas

December through April is the busiest time in the Bahamas when many Americans visit to escape the cold weather back home. It is not unpleasantly hot at this time, while both humidity and rainfall are low. Expect to pay top dollar for hotels and booking ahead is a must. The best time to scuba dive is May through September. Although this period partly coincides with the hurricane season, it is generally calm and the waters are warm. Sailing, on the other hand, is best from October to April when it is breezy and dry.

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