Photo Credit: Mark Yokoyama

The Bahamas’ layout (all sand and sea) and proximity to the continental US make it a popular vacation playground. Beaches are seemingly endless and typically have shallow waters which are warm and clear. There is never an issue with access, with boats running to all islands and airports archipelago-wide.

Popular things to do include scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat trips. Numerous companies run charters, allowing visitors to enjoy venturing into the deep blue ocean or to some of the more exotic islands to relax in peace. The fishing is legendary, with the chance to snag a sailfish or shark, and there are many stunning golf courses.

The Bahamas is all about the beach culture and people come from far and wide to laze on the fluffy sands, swim off the shallow shores, and soak up the sun. All islands have good accommodations, including New Providence, which is best known for Cable Beach. Nearby Paradise Island has long stretches of sand, but for some privacy, you’ll need to head to one of the other islands, such as Cat, Long, or Exuma.

Water sports are widely available on the main beaches and include jet-skiing and waterskiing. Parasailing and wakeboarding are both fun on Paradise Island, while decent offshore breezes also make for good windsurfing and surfing. You can even enjoy water sports tours around the exterior from providers like the Lucayan Jet Ski Island Tour company.

Great scuba diving is accessible everywhere, although the best of it is on big Andros Island, with its crystal clear waters, abundance of marine life, and good tour options. To learn, Grand Bahama has some of the best facilities, such as the Underwater Explorers Society. You can do a basic dive package and be out swimming with giant turtles, sharks, and dolphins in no time. Numerous outfits offer snorkeling tours, where boats head to choice spots and let guests amble about in the water on their own. Bahamas Booze Cruise and Snorkel is a popular choice.

With all this water and gentle breezes come excellent chances to sail. There are many options for things to do, from glass-bottom boat tours to full-on leisure cruises, dive trips, and self-drive charters. The Exumas’ have the best sailing in the Bahamas and a typical tour heads out with power steering, cuts the engine and then goes by wind for a relaxing afternoon. They usually include snorkeling and food. Seahorse Sail and Barefoot Sailing both run from Nassau harbor.

Sea kayaking is the best way to get up close and personal with the water without actually getting in it. There are many marine parks allowing visitors to escape the tourist hordes and infrastructure. The Exumas also offer some of the best kayaking, with Ecosummer Expeditions offering tours of the Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park daily. You can also visit Grand Bahamas’ Lucayan National Park by kayak, which has fabulous diving at the Lucayan Caverns.

Bimini has the best fishing in the Bahamas, with half day or full day charters running from Paradise Island and Nassau. Both light tackle and offshore fishing opportunities are widely available through many operators, including Born Free III. Popular catches are mackerel and barracuda, while sailfish, swordfish, and even shark can be snagged.

The Bahamas is loaded with golf courses, with all main islands boasting at least one notable green. The great weather and beautiful settings mean holiday packages tailored to golfers are hugely popular. Or just show up, rent clubs, grab a caddy, and play. Nassau, Paradise, Grand Bahama, and Abaco all offer great courses, but Paradise Island Golf Course is the easiest to access.

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