Photo Credit: Jessica Lucia
  • The Bahaman dollar is pegged to the US dollar and either currency can be used
  • Be sure to haggle at the markets, but always smile while you’re doing it
  • Beware of ‘hackers’ (illegal taxi drivers); official taxis have yellow license plates
  • Always pre-book hotels, especially during high season from December through April
  • The best scuba diving is in the summer (May to September), but keep an eye on hurricanes

Contact Numbers

Police: +1-242-322-4444, 911, or 919 Emergency: 911 or 919 Princess Margaret Hospital (Nassau): +1-242-322-2861 Rand Memorial Hospital (Freeport): +1-242-352-6735 US Embassy: +1-242-322-1181 Canadian Consulate: +1-242-393-2123 Ed’s Taxi: +1-242-395-855

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