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There are few bad times of the year to visit Antigua and Barbuda, a tropical paradise situated just over 17 degrees north of the equator. The warm and sunny year-round weather ranges between 75°F to 85°F all times of the year. Rainfall and humidity are both low in Antigua and Barbuda, whose warm climate is cooled by constant trade winds from the northeast.

What little rainfall Antigua and Barbuda receives comes between May and October, the eastern Caribbean’s hurricane season, while November to April is Antigua and Barbuda’s driest and coolest period. November to April, however, is also Antigua and Barbuda’s busiest period, when tourists flee North America and Europe’s cold winters for the islands’ tropical sun and warmth.

Best Time to Visit Antigua and Barbuda

November to April may be Antigua and Barbuda’s high season, when the bulk of winter tourists arrive on the island to seek escape from cold northern winters, but visitors wishing to save some money should consider waiting until the months between June and September. Although many Antigua and Barbuda properties are closed for renovations during these summer months, those which do remain open often offer deep discounts.

Antigua and Barbuda’s most crowded times of year, outside of the winter high season, are its April Sailing Week and lively Carnival celebrations (July/August). Making reservations at least a few months in advance is highly recommended during these busy periods. Antigua and Barbuda generally gets about one hurricane per year during the tropical storm season May to October.

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